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Hard Skool Officially Released at Midnight - Sept 24

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3 hours ago, Tyson said:

I'm definitely crazy or you agree that the mix sounds better in the new vid?

It sounds the same to me, beyond Youtube's natural compression added, but I will give it a listen on headphones tonight and compare

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On 12/9/2021 at 8:16 PM, Sweersa said:

Just listened to Hard Skool (2021) and Hardschool (2000)

I like the 2000 Village mix more, overall. 

where can you find that mix? I had a youtube video of the original song but since the new one came out I cant find it anymore.

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9 hours ago, fabrph5 said:

its comical that people pretend to hate slash because he puts out music.  Yea, Axl has done so much since he busted up the original band.  

I don't hate him at all, and if I did, that wouldn't be the reason.

Axl didn't want to settle with his Snake Shit songs.

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