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What Song Should Be Released next

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I would like it, nae love it, if for once GNR released something that hadn't been leaked before and was already well known by fans. Instead controversially it would be great if they actually released something that was written by the current lineup, avoided people endlessly debating whether Axl Rose recorded his vocals in 1999, and whether or not Buckethead (or indeed any other former member) was buried in the mix. Quite frankly songs like Atlas Shrugged and Perhaps can get tae fuck as to my ears they are crap! 

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3 minutes ago, Twinaleblood said:

Soul Monster, hands down.

I would really love Dummy, but it doesn't sound like something that could work with this line-up (to be far, Silkworms didn't either, but that hasn't stopped them).

I think if they renamed it to something like Absurd 2.0 cause i'll be up for it

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