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This show is on Sunday nights on AXS. Last night they had a collector of GNR items.

The guy had a gold album for GNR Lies signed by Slash.

he also had love letters that Axl wrote to Erin back in the day when GNR were on tour. The show only showed one letter that said "Erin" X Axl. the other letters were much longer but they weren't talked about or showed on air. Ahmet Zappo one of the hosts said he felt weird reading the love letters that should have stayed private. Guess Erin needed the money. So sad.

The other item was a cassette tape of a live practice of GNR in 1985 when Traci Guns was still in the band and before GNR broke through. He just played a sec of Axl screaming and it sounded amazing. 

there is another guy on the show that tells you what items are worth. These items were about 5 to 6 thousands a piece. The guy doesn't want to sell any of the items. he said his kids are big GNR fans too. 

He said they all saw GNR in Hawaii one time.

Anyway, it was cool to see this stuff, but also said that Erin sold such private things that Axl wrote to her. I know shit happened when they were together, but it's still sad to think she doesn't want anything that personal anymore.

The collector had all these items under a glass frame.

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I saw the episode as well. It's weird. They didn't even let us hear what was on the tape, really. We heard more from the host mimicking Axl's singing. 

The love letters framed felt sort of icky to me, for lack of better term. I get that as a collector you might want something like that, but I just could never see myself framing it and having it on display. That was a moment in time between two people.

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