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SMKC's New Single - The River Is Rising.

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6 hours ago, ShadowOfTheWave said:

This been getting any radio play?

According to this active rock radio chart it’s currently at #47. It’s only been out for 2 days where all the other songs on the list have weekly numbers of plays. 



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13 hours ago, Ralphelmo said:

It took me a while but I think I found the right one:



We have 302k views.

It says unavailable, what video is it?

6 hours ago, Ralphelmo said:

What you think about the video itself? I think they did great job, considering equipment and how they captured colors and lighting. 

I like it, cool camera angles, simple and straightforward. 

6 hours ago, Free Bird said:

I wonder if they recorded the record like this.

No they recorded it at RCA Studio A in Nashville.

On 10/23/2021 at 9:22 AM, MaskingApathy said:

87k streams on Spotify (many of those are mine :lol:).

137k streams on Spotify now (I had it on repeat all last night so that's why :lol:).

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14 minutes ago, smoking guns said:

Damn, Hard Skool is at 12!

Yeah hopefully it can make it to the top 10. I just took a glance at a few of the other charts on that website and it’s interesting. Top rock song has like 1,700 or so radio plays. Alternative maybe  2,000 or so. Then you get to country and the top song has 8,000+. 

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13 hours ago, nycgunner said:

Dows anyone know how to get the fan presale code? Tickets for the nyc show go on sale tomorrow and I’d like to get them 

Thank you!

I second this. I want to get tickets for the San Diego and LA shows.

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