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Fear the Walking Dead new season

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5 hours ago, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

The new season started last Sunday.  Since those that crazy guy shot off those missals most of the people are separated again. Strand has made a new society and he's in one of the best places so far.

The rest of the survivors are just trying to stay alive.  The world was bad enough before, now it's really bad.

It’s post, post apocalyptic. I like this direction. 

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This  has been a weird season. All the characters have been split up into different groups. Guess still observing covid restrictions. Anyway, this season ends next week and we haven't seen Alicia at all yet. Hopefully, she made it out of that bunker safely and gets with one of the groups.

Strande became like the Gov this season, but I think his reign is coming to an end soon. Too much power made him crazy. lol


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Just read that in the second half of the next season which begins up in April, Madison will return. I doubt Alicia will make it. She was bit and it doesn't look good.

Madison's "death" wasn't on film, so I guess somehow she managed to get away from thousands of walkers that long ago season. She was an awesome character, so I'm glad she will be back. I think Strand will be happy to see her too. She was the only character to keep him grounded.

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Fear had it's season finale last night and yes Madison is back. More to come about how she's not dead and what she's been up to for all these years. I'm so glad Kim (Madison) is back but I think the woman who plays her daughter Felicia is supposed to be leaving. Oh well. Can't wait for the Strand and Madison reunion.

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