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13 years since CD came out

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18 hours ago, mystery said:

Did anyone actually get free Dr. Pepper from that promotion? That thing was completely botched.

I managed to squeeze my order in before the website completely crashed. Something like two or three weeks later, the voucher arrived in an unmarked envelope. I think I almost threw it away. I went to the QT down the street from my house and used the voucher. Looking back, it was quite possibly the last time I drank a Dr. Pepper. 

Day of the album release, I went to the Best Buy three miles from my house and picked up a copy on CD. I was the only one in the store, but I do remember they had a cardboard cut-out almost immediately when you entered the store. I looked over the album booklet in my car, and remember the weird mix of satisfaction of actually holding the thing in my hand and the bittersweet feeling that a good number of the people in the album art no longer played with the band. Obviously a bit anti-climactic as I had already heard almost half of the album through leaks, but remember being genuinely floored by "This I Love" and wondering when the doom metal riffage in "Sorry" was going to start...

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Man, I love Chinese and I am an arduous defender of its musical proposal, but I really wish the album had come out in 2005-06. already with the last solos that Bucket recorded, with Sorry and Better, but only with Brain's drums, with Brian May's original solo on Catcher, and that Scraped had not seen the light (and instead they had put Hardschool). The 2006 tour could have been a great way to promote the album, but no way…

Still, I also think the album would have been a tremendous bullet had it come out shortly after RIR 2001, but this is just my rambling. If Axl were a writer, he would be the antithesis of Isaac Asimov. :unsure:

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