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Best album(s) of the year

Gordon Comstock

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What were your favourite albums from 2021?

For me it's a close call between Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats The Future and Yelawolf's Mud Mouth.



Honorable mention to Yelawolf & DJ Muggs Mile Zero, a lo-fi early hiphop style album that could've been really great if it weren't packed with features, and was more than 9 tracks.



Were there any albums that you thought were disappointing?

I was really looking forward to Dirty Honey's debut album but it was pretty bland, and An Evening With Silk Sonic ended up being just ok.



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Tough one. 

I've really enjoyed :

Black Keys, Delta Kreme. 

Dinosaur Jr, Sweep it into space. 

Robert Finley, Sharecroppers Son. 

Not sure if they're my favourites for the year, but certainly stand out, without thinking to much about it, for records released this year that I've spun regularly. 


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In no real order:

Between the Buried and Me - Colors II
Every Time I Die - Radical
Bo Burnham - Inside
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - G_d'spee at State's End
CHRVCHES - Screen Violence
Gojira - Fortitude
The Armed - Ultrapop
Teenage Wrist - Earth is a Black Hole
Genghis Tron - Dream Weapon
Weezer - OK Human
Deafheaven - Infinite Granite
Cynic - Ascension Codes
Turnstile - GLOW ON
Circa Survive - A Dream About Love
Silk Sonic - An Evening With Silk Sonic

There was a LOT of stuff I loved this year, and even beyond the stuff I flat out loved, there were a ton of other releases I enjoyed a lot too. I think I listened to more new music in 2021 than any other year, and with 30 closing in I'm happy that I'm still able to keep my ears open.

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