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Gary Sunshine interview (July '21) speaking about GNR

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1 hour ago, Gambit83 said:

Gary is great. Got a chance to ask him a lot of GNR questions a couple yrs ago in case it was missed. Gary Sunshine talks Oh My God, Chinese Democracy, and recording with Axl Rose - Ep. 97 - Appetite for Distortion | iHeart


Thank you, Brando. Yes, I don't remeber this episode, I will have a listen soon. Just seen the info from @SoulMonster as well and they rang a bell, I had read them back then and forgot. Thank you all for doing so much to dig interesting info :)

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On 12/12/2021 at 12:57 AM, Twinaleblood said:

You're welcome, you're going to enjoy it a lot! 

Thanks for posting it mate, it was a great watch. I guess it’s not surprising that Axl sent out music with no vocals on it to him,  he would be worried that shit would leak…

Gary seems like a lovely guy.

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Cool interviews with Gary, who sounds like a swell guy.

Just those stories about the chicken coop made me scratch my head, as I think GS conflated the Rumbo & Village eras a bit. The way I see it, GS worked with Axl/Guns around '98-'99, which culminated with him recording additional bits to OMG (and maybe, IRS) at Rumbo. Around that time, Fortus & Bucket auditioned to replace Robin, I think. A year later Guns switch studios. Another six or so months and the coop is built on the suggestion of Tom Zutaut.

Then, come 2002 and Paul Tobias wants to check out. GS gets asked by Axl to audition at the Village, and that's when he sees the infamous chicken coop. Fortus auditions again, gets the gig, and GS is asked to stay 'available' for a while as the band goes on tour. Axls great guitar player shuffle. The same guys kept coming in for the same slot and then going out again for years on end. And he still couldn't make up his mind.

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