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Your favourite Axl vocal moment either live or on an album ?

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I was thinking about this over the weekend and was thinking which was my favourite one I’ve heard live or on an album(with the obvious caveats between the two), but one that I kept coming back to was the outro of Coma. I played it several times just to make sure and yes there are many amazing notes he’s hit and screams in other songs which would give you goose bumps they are so amazing, but those under three minutes at the end of one my favourite GNR songs is magical both on a vocal level and also lyrically. I struggle to even repeat the lyrics at the pace he’s singing them without being out of breath.

Anyway what are some others that posters here like ? 

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40 minutes ago, Mindray11 said:

The end of Shoot To Thrill, Back in Black, Thunderstruck, Stuck Inside, end of Hard School, high notes on TWAT, that bridge or whatever it is from The General, beginning of Nightrain in Tokyo 2009, Madagascar, Better, Rocket Queen

Nightrain Tokyo 2009 Axl is on fire!

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There are a lot, but Stands outs are the "goodbye" at the end of this I love. The outro of RQ on live era. The final verse of Used to love her on live era. 

I could go on.


9 hours ago, janrichmond said:

I really love his vocals on Salt of the Earth

Actually I like nearly all his vocals pre '94

That can't include is limey Down on the farm??? surely not😄

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Used to love the ending of SCOM back around 92 when Axl would just stand there menacingly repeating Chiiihiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllld about 4 times before holding the last one for about 20+ seconds

We Will Rock You at the Freddie Mercury tribute was outstanding

WTTJ RIR 2001 Intro was insane

KOHD from the Marquee 87 which was on the AFD release in 2017

TIL gets me everytime

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1. The outro to Coma, easily.

2. The last "Here I aaa-ay-ay-am and you're a rocket queen."

3. The rapid fire delivery of the last verse of Garden of Eden.

4. The high pitched shriek during the intro to Scraped. It used to make me cringe. Now I just love it because it's absolutely bonkers and ridiculous and I love it for that.

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