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Richard Fortus interview (St. Louis Public Radio)

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1 hour ago, Jw224 said:

I find it weird that people think that the band would be any less shit or more productive if Izzy came back.

If it's gonna be mostly nostalgia then why not have Izzy and Adler ?  If he was back,nobody expects that Axl and Izzy would write another AFD but it'd be cool to see what they come up with. 

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1 hour ago, MYWIFEMYLIFE said:

I ainno an accountant or business advisor(think they dont have it, or got a moron for that) to gnr , I am a fan, I dont care about how much they make, I want GNR. This is not GNR. THey should get Izzy and Steven back, fortus got nothing to give/create and frank cant play. 

Even if they brought hose two guys back it wouldn't be Guns N Roses. That band as you remember it is dead. IF those guys came back and Frank and Richard and Melissa and even Dizzy were left home, Axl would still be the boss and the rest of the guys would be employees. GNR in the 80s and early 90s was a pretty fair split of power. 

You're talking about the sound/feel of the band. Ok, maybe the band would sound more like old GNR? but Axl isn't going to be 30 again, he's 60 in 2 months and that means his voice is going to be even less likely to cooperate, even with the band firing 100% kicking ass if Axl is struggling it would be a disappointment. You're welcome to disagree but we all know it's true... Slash being there is not sufficient cover for a poor vocal on the days when Axl is blowing chunks.

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1 hour ago, Subtle Signs said:

If he was back,nobody expects that Axl and Izzy would write another AFD but it'd be cool to see what they come up with. 


Even if Izzy was back, the first single still would've been Silkworms, then Hard Skool, then whatever other CD era songs Axl still wants to release. If they did come up with anything, there's a good chance we'd never hear it.

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As a guitarist, I’d take Fortus any day.

Izzy’s value is as a songwriter, and unfortunately this band doesn’t seem to be writing any songs, so I’m not sure what he’d do here. If anything, Izzy would rejoin this band and quit after two weeks of realizing that it’s just a never ending nostalgia tour.

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On 12/21/2021 at 2:04 PM, Tom2112 said:

Richard should just say out front "GNR material will be ready when Axl says it's ready, whenever and however that may be... Not saying anything more about GNR beyond touring that we have previously done" cut the BS and avoid any awkward questions. He looks like a moron in one sentence saying "my band" and in the next saying "I don't have the authority to say things about GNR".

Yup, especially the last sentance.


On 12/21/2021 at 5:53 PM, Tom2112 said:

1. If Izzy wanted to be in GNR he'd be in GNR right now

2. If Axl/Slash/Duff wanted Izzy in GNR, he'd be in GNR right now.

3. Richard isn't going anywhere, he's got the golden ticket and is drinking from the chocolate fountain until it runs dry. And IF they did fire him, they would likely hire someone like Frank Sidoris who is MUCH cheaper than Izzy and can know his role and not have any "I should be equal" qualms. Not arguing that Izzy shouldn't be paid equal to Slash and Duff either, just saying his presence costs a lot more than a non original member.

I would love if they got Frankie in the band.

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