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Axl Rose's life journey & his musical expression of his experiences

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I have many times asked myself what is Axl's purpose/mission in life from his own viewpoint & have come to understand his journey. He was a troubled young fella, with many dark memories & happenings, he ran at odds with the law in his growing up & at certain points in excess use of harmful substances. Yet he was one of the lucky ones; he had a singing talent, a charismatic way of presenting his thoughts & feelings through creatively writing lyrics. He moved to Los Angeles where he struck up a very talented group of musicians he could see at similarities with. Nobody, surely not even himself, predicted what a successful & well known musical group he & his band, Guns N' Roses, the one we love so much, would explode into. The Appetite For Destruction era was certainly one of the most thundering rock n' roll eras, loved by its fans for the anger, the heat, the energy expressed during these days. Yet the band would plunge into a toxic era of substances following the tour, the fans would inquisitively wait for the long awaited Use Your Illusions, the band having cleaned up - all but one who would be ejected from the project. Finally came the albums, far more diverse & certainly different in sound to their previous. We would see something very distinct about Axl & his musical purpose by now; he wanted to grow his project, to explore, to diversify, to try every conceivable musical direction & show the world that rock n' roll was not his sole talent, that he had far more to give to the world. Following the long-hauled tour, the band would clash musically, Axl wanting to explore different direction, the rest primarily wanting to preserve that which made them famous. As the band would break up, Axl would search for those whose ideas were alike. Chinese Democracy has something distinct that no other musical album has had; it is distinctly diverse, expresses various life experiences that Axl has faced, through his lyrics & very modernised & in touch with the contemporary times. I believe that the tour following its release, from 2009 through to end of 2010 was one of Axl's most musically articulate eras. It truly showed Axl performing his very best & expressing his thoughts & feelings like never before. Sure, the following years 2011 through end of 2014 were not as expressive but Axl did age & the energy of 2010 couldn't be kept forever. I'd say that he came to peace at all he had wanted to express in life, his experiences, his thoughts, his memories & he had acquired himself a safe secure life like no other. The reunion surely was a decision to re-experience that which made him famous & so large, rather than to acquire anymore money. Many may still complain nowadays that he has not released much lately, but he surely must be at peace with himself at last & seems to have expressed creatively everything that he has come across through his life's journey. I think that none of us should hold it against him that he hasn't released all that much, but rather be happy with all that we did get from him & all that we have gotten the opportunity to experience in concert. For all this, the level of energy, the creativity, the diversity of musical directions, Axl Rose will remain forever glorified & loved. He is more than just a rock god; he is an example of one of the most expressive musicians in the modern times who has never wanted to limit his creativity to one genre, but to explore every possible way. This is seems to be his life's message, to try all different ways, to be yourself in every changing way, in every changing era, to do whatever you must to bring yourself at peace with yourself & the world. Thank you Axl Rose, for all your ways & all your encouraging messages!

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