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Have any members here attended an Mexico show?

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Depending on your definition I'm not a gringo but I did attend the Guadalajara show in 2019 and I'm pretty sure I'm still alive. The organisation was a complete shitshow (I arrived at 18:15 and didn't get in until 21:30) but that's not typical for gigs in Mexico, I had no problem with a Florence + the Machine gig in GDL and with Iron Maiden in Mexico City. Just don't be an idiot, I guess?

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Never been to Mexico but I'd assume it's like any country, don't go to sketchy places and stick to the more tourist / populated areas if you're on your own or not that experienced a traveller... I'm sure attending a concert there is perfectly safe. The crowds look rowdy, but that's more fun than dangerous.

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agree with tom, stick to the tourist places if you want more security


personally for me, I dont stay walking outside for an extended of period of time past 12am anyway so, unless youre gonna try walking past 12am at night, youll be more than fine. 

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