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Hells Yeah. A topic I can sink my teeth or bong in to. Either way LOL. If you are looking into some raucous doom or stoner rock into you can't go wrong with the classics. Kyuss and Monster Magnet laid the framework for this shit. For doom, ya gotta go with Cathedral and The Obssesed. And if you are interested I can share the pre-MM band called Dog Of Mystery. Now that shit is way out there. But if you really want to go even deeper I cannot recommend Blue Cheer enough. That was some acid rock from 67/68. But if you are looking for a more modern sound then True Widow is for you. stoner rock and fucking shoegaze put together. This is all off the top of my head.One of my favorite genres.

Monster Magnet - Spine Of God (full album playlist)

 Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun


Blue Cheer - Outside Inside

Cathedral - The Ethereal Mirror

The Obsessed - The Church Within

True Widow - S.H.S (slow and sludge/trippy as fuck)

 and if haven't seen this documentary you gotta. Perfect for this thread.


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11 minutes ago, hudsonsaul said:

Anyone here want the Third Man Records Sleep box set (vinyl)? 

If you pay for postage you're welcome to it. 

Played it once, it's awesome but I need the space. Since then it's been in a cupboard of other vinyl box sets. 

That’s amazing of you. I’d take it lol

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TodoMal - Ultracrepidarian

Stabat Mater - Treason By The Son Of Man

Et Moriemur - Izu

Pyramido - Sand

Crust - ...and a Dirge becomes an Anthem

Bong Wizard - Vulgar Display of Flower

all of the above are good albums

also I'm not sure if they are stoner or doom but 'Blood Incantation' are the greatest 'new' band around

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1 hour ago, ZoSoRose said:

Check out Acid Mammoth! Just found them on Spotify. Excellent DOOM!

If he hasn’t shipped it yet, you should have it! PM him!

Haven't shipped yet. Trying source some decent packaging for it. 


Edit: @ZoSoRose or @Mansin Humanity just received a record, and crucially the box it came in fits the Sleep boxset. It's sealed up and ready to post, let me know which of you it's going to.

I'll post it tomorrow morning. No need to worry about postage costs. 

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