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"Sorry" - A song about Narcissists?

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Could "Sorry" be best described as a song about Narcissists? For those who know strongly about this psychological topic & all the traits that establish this toxic personality disorder, the song truly seems to cover them all. Narcissists certainly are venomous people to say the least & I would like to dedicate it to my mum who unbelievably possesses all the traits - I'm sorry for YOU (Emma) not sorry for ME! The song is certainly a masterpiece of a melody; Sebastian Bach described it as a "doom metal opera" & even features his vocals alongside Axl's in the studio version! 

So proud to have attended this live performance; I'm the guy at 1:25 banging my head (with the bandana & hair over it) :headbang:. Thank you Axl for givin' me a little ammo against such a toxic person & thank you to the one who preserved this fantastic performance!


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I know someone who's a narcissistic sociopath antisocial type. You have my  sympathy mate. They're garbage husks beyond help. Sometimes I feel they should be rounded up and 'sent away'. People who are lucky enough to not know any simply do not understand.

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one of my favorites!! 

I think someone, somewhen have to ask AXL who said these words to him .. (Nobody owes you not one god damn thing, you know where to put your, just shut up and sing) 

and about I'll kick your ass as I've said that I would ... take a look at this interview:  http://www.heretodaygonetohell.com/articles/showarticle.php?articleid=11

DEL: When you and Slash aren't at each other's throats, you're really a force to be reckoned with.

AXL: Let me say something about us being at each other's throats: We haven't really been that way in the past year and a half. I love the guy. We're like opposite poles of energy, and we balance each other out. We push each other to work harder and complement each other that way. We had a run-in in Dayton [Ohio], because both myself and Dougie thought he said something shitty to me onstage. That was the night I cut my hand to the bone. Backstage we have monitors much like the ones onstage, and while I was back there dealing with my hand, I thought I heard him take a potshot at me. I wrapped my hand up in a towel and was like, "Let's get it taken care of, so I can finish the show." I came back onstage and was a dick to him and told him I'd kick his f?!king ass in front of 20,000 people. That was f?!ked up. I was wrong, and I apologized the second I realized I was mistaken. Someone who is supporting me as strongly as he does is a hand I never want to bite.

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