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"He had touched over 90 songs"

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Well, big news on this old Antiquiet article:

While I was still working at Universal in 2005, I met a guy that had been working with Axl, who told me that he had touched over 90 songs, 40 of which were “some of the best songs he’d ever heard.” 14 of the 90 would eventually become Chinese Democracy. But ten demos floating around don’t mean a whole lot to me. If Axl Rose chokes on a donut tomorrow and dies, there’ll be ten more Guns N’ Roses albums on the way. 

So, Kevin Cogill has said he has received ten songs from the Andy Wallace mixes (yes, the "Antiquiet-nine" plus one more mix of "Better"). 





So, the theory made by @Pele and supported by the longtime scientist GNR-fan @CubanSkies Dummy it's not all that right.

So, I'm believing Cogill now. He also, gave us part of that "Holy Grail" that means the 'Real Chinese Democracy'.



Here is an attempt to list all the "Chinese Democracy" songs:

  1. "This I Love"
  2. "Prostitute"
  3. "Down By The Ocean"
  4. "Hard Skool"
  5. "Oh My God"
  6. "Catcher In The Rye"
  7. "Madagascar"
  8. "There Was a Time"
  9. "Riad N' The Bedouins"
  10. "Street Of Dreams"
  11. "Berlin"
  12. "Ides Of March"
  13. "Atlas Shrugged"
  14. "Chinese Democracy"
  15. "Perhaps"
  16. "I.R.S."
  17. "Absurd"
  18. "If The World"
  19. "Thyme"
  20. "P.R.L."
  21. "Eye On You"
  22. "Moustache"
  23. "Quick Song"
  24. "Zodiac"
  25. "Tonto"
  26. "Real Doll"
  27. "Shackler's Revenge"
  28. "Sorry"
  29. "Billionaire"
  30. "Dub Suplex"
  31. "State Of Grace"
  32. "Devious Bastard"
  33. "Dummy"
  34. "Soul Monster"
  35. "Circus Maximus"
  36. "D Tune"
  37. "Curly Shuffle"
  38. "Nothin'"
  39. "As It Began"
  40. "Scrapped"
  41. "Inside Out"
  42. "Save Me"
  43. "Going Down"
  44. "Prom Violence"
  45. "Better"
  46. "Rebel"
  47. "Cuban Skies"
  48. "The General"
  49. "Seven"
  50. "Light My Fire"
  51. "Monstrosity"


We all are waiting for these 90 tracks in the next album!

Now I'm excited!



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1 minute ago, HollyWoodRose84 said:

He used Soul Glo. 

next topic please 

Absolutely crushed not to see Eriq La Salle in the shitbomb of a movie that was Coming to America 2

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