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Brutal Gn'R dream I had last night...

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So I've been experiencing some of the most peculiar dreams lately & a particularly bizarre one involving Gn'R has struck me last night. Lately I watched a war documentary & as I deepened into my sleep & my dreams, I suddenly visualised that I was in a Somali coastal town, passing by women & children who were notably vigilant & attentive of the environment all around them. Old concrete apartments would dominate the town, totally deprived of their glass, as if old historical towns exhibiting centuries of archaic human structure. Abruptly, I would hear brutal drumming from Frank, hitting his toms with exceptionally robust power, coming across almost like the sound of chopper bikes taking off. Yet I would see the women & children duck, realising that this was representing gunfire from guerilla warfare present. Terrified, watching the archaic concrete apartments being subjected to merciless destruction & detrimental slaughter of faultless civilians as well as peacekeeping forces. Duff's bass guitar would kick in, denoting the intensity of this ongoing conflict & its fatal outcomes continuously inflicting human suffering & fatal murder. When there would be no drumming & bass like supposed gunfire, Slash & Richard would exhibit their mutual talents, exchanging guitar roles to both show-off both the power of their rhythm & the talent of their lead. Not too long into this guitaring, Axl's vocals would join featuring his mid-tone just like on ABSURD! The song would stop, tease 2-3 times with this brutality of bass-driven drumming like gunfire, exchanging with guitaring & lastly Axl's vocals. Finally, with several teases from the band, the song would kick into drive as Frank would pound his drumkit literally like Thunder. Rhythm guitar with verses would be the main driver, as the song would follow into choruses, again into verses & once again choruses until its ultimate vocal build-up, reminiscent of that in You Could Be Mine with demonic high-pitch raspy vocals & its final multiple verses. Yet this was not the end of this barbaric music video exhibiting first-hand experience of suffering under merciless warfare. As the women & children would flee, escaping in small rubber boats, the song's fast drive would at last stop. We would witness a short window of time of supposed peace, until Frank's final drumming like chopper bikes & gunfire combined, driven by Duff's bass, closing the song, slowing down, reminding us of the cruelty & savagery that some must endure in order to survive this concept we call "life".

I do understand that my post is exceptionally brutal & callous, but I felt that I had to express my creative window currently present, and to obtain the opinion of other members how such a song & musical video would be interpreted by Gn'R fans; what would the band be viewed as? Would this be seen as a humane attempt by the band to let the world in on what it is truly like to be in such inhumane, bloodthirsty fighting and discord? And if anybody has an idea, what would such a vicious song be called? "Guns N' Roses - Guerilla"? The sad truth about such a song would be, that there are no roses here, only guns - literally so!

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Apparently nowhere in this dream did a paragraph break occur :o


But I must commend you, I barely remember my dreams when I have them so I applaud anyone with either a good dream recall or a decent imagination lol

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