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Build your own "Greatest Hits" album

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Greatest Hits is a compilation album by the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses, released on March 23, 2004. Released by Geffen Records in part because of the delay in the making of Chinese Democracy, the album was subject to lawsuits by band member Axl Rose and former band members, in an attempt to block its release due to its track listing.

Despite the album having almost no promotion, it reached number one on the UK Albums Chart and number three on the Billboard 200 chart upon its release. Greatest Hits re-entered the Billboard 200 at number three in March 2012, selling about 85,000 copies as part of a promotion by both Amazon and Google Play that saw the album sold for 25 cents for one day. The album has proven a popular seller, selling over six million copies in the United States by 2018. Greatest Hits is one of the longest charting albums in the Billboard 200 era, being one of only seven albums to notch at least 400 weeks on the chart by June 2017. As of July 2018, it has spent 441 weeks on the chart.


Build your own "Greatest Hits" Album:

  1. "Welcome To The Jungle" [Appetite For Destruction]
  2. "Nightrain" [Appetite For Destruction]
  3. "Paradise City" [Appetite For Destruction]
  4. "Sweet Child O' Mine" [Appetite For Destruction]
  5. "Patience" [Lies]
  6. "Use To Love Her" [Lies]
  7. "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" [Use Your Illusion I]
  8. "Civil War" [Use Your Illusion I]
  9. "Live And Let Die" [Use Your Illusion I]
  10. "Don't Cry" [Use Your Illusion I]
  11. "November Rain" [Use Your Illusion I]
  12. "Yesterdays" [Use Your Illusion II]
  13. "Estranged" [Use Your Illusion II]
  14. "You Could Be Mine" [Use Your Illusion II]
  15. "Since I Don't Have You" [The Spaghetti Incident?]
  16. "Chinese Democracy" [Chinese Democracy - Radio Edit]
  17. "Shadow Of Your Love" [Single - Radio Edit]
  18. "Absurd![Single - Radio Edit]
  19. "Hard Skool" [Single - Radio Edit]
  20. "Oh My God" [New track - 2022 edition]


I'm very interested on what do you consider "Greatest Hits".

Is "Sympathy For The Devil" a greatest hit?

Is "Better" a greatest hit?

Is "Coma" a greatest hit?


Discuss now!

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11 minutes ago, ShadowOfTheWave said:

Better, which charted on the rock charts at #18, is obviously more of a hit than Absurd, which failed to chart at all.

But "Absurd!" is their comeback single.

"Better" it's only a song known by the people who loves Axl Rose and his music. And nothing else.

"Absurd!" was a massive hit.

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Oh boy have I been waiting for this!!

Disc 1

1. "Welcome To The Jungle" (from Appetite For Destruction)

2. "It's So Easy" (from Appetite For Destruction)

3. "Paradise City" (from Appetite For Destruction)

4. "Sweet Child O' Mine" (from Appetite For Destruction)

5. "Rocket Queen" (from Appetite For Destruction)

6. "Shadow Of Your Love" (from Appetite For Destruction: Locked And Loaded)

Disc 2

1. "Move To The City" (from GN'R Lies)

2. "Used To Love Her" (from GN'R Lies)

3. "Patience" (from GN'R Lies)

4. "Knockin' On Heavens Door - Live 1987" (from Appetite For Destruction: Locked And Loaded)

5. "Whole Lotta Rosie - Live 1987" (from Appetite For Destruction: Locked And Loaded)

6. "Jumpin' Jack Flash - 1986 Sound Session" (from Appetite For Destruction: Locked And Loaded)

Disc 3

1. "Live And Let Die" (from Use Your Illusion I)

2. "Don't Cry" (from Use Your Illusion I)

3. "Bad Obsession" (from Use Your Illusion I)

4. "November Rain" (from Use Your Illusion I)

5. "Dead Horse" (from Use Your Illusion I)

Disc 4

1. "Civil War" (from Use Your Illusion II)

2. "14 Years" (from Use Your Illusion II)

3. "Pretty Tied Up" (from Use Your Illusion II)

4. "Estranged" (from Use Your Illusion II)

5. "You Could Be Mine" (from Use Your Illusion II)

Disc 5

1. "Since I Don't Have You" (from The Spaghetti Incident)

2. "Attitude" (from The Spaghetti Incident)

3. "Nightrain - Live 1992" (from Live Era 87 - 93)

4. "Oh My God" (from End Of Days)

5. "Sympathy For The Devil" (from Greatest Hits)

Disc 6

1. "Chinese Democracy" (from Chinese Democracy)

2. "Better" (from Chinese Democracy)

3. "Catcher In The Rye" (from Chinese Democracy)

4. "Madagascar" (from Chinese Democracy)

5. "Absurd" (from Absurd)

6. "Hard Skool" (from Hard Skool)


Okay, so more of a box set, and of course you got your t-shirts and your GNR baseball cap, and your 10% off ticket pass for $****, but while we still don't have another interesting record, one is allowed to fucking dream. 

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6 hours ago, StrangerInThisTown said:

This thread looks like an excuse to make a list again. You're relapsing, go to another list-makers-anonymous meeting. You’re not a man of your word

I just wish the mods would ban this "personality" and be done with it lol.  The trolling is clear at this point

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13 minutes ago, DefinitelyInThisLifetime said:

Fucking hell, I’m sure that not even Chris Jericho loved a list this much….

Petition to ban him? That’ll be a good list.

The dude has more of a list fetish than Rolling Stone magazine does

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It wasn't specified GNR Greatest Hits, so here is my Greatest Hits for this forum in list form:

1.  People who don't make lists

2.  People who refrain from making lists

3.  People who realize making lists is not conversating

4.  People who think lists are dumb


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