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Video of Axl telling jokes

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It’s been known that Axl has a great sense of humour (former and current members say he’s the funniest person they’ve met).

Sean Beaven says he used to warm up for recording vocals by doing a stand up routine.

Bumblefoot has described how he used to crack him up on in ear monitors by telling jokes during guitar solos. 

According to Duff he has one of the best collections of Knock Knock jokes in the world.

Who would like to see it? Would you pay to go and see it in an intimate venue? Would you buy the DVD/Blu ray? 


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8 minutes ago, StrangerInThisTown said:

I don’t think he wants that funny guy persona as his public image. I’d love to see it tho

I think that's a fair assessment. He seems to let his guard down with people he's close to or comfortable with which is where this side of him comes out. I think it's come out more since 2001. At the HOB show and Rock in Rio he literally showed a short cartoon poking fun of his perception as a recluse and in the years since he's just come off as much more jovial. 

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On 2/5/2022 at 6:53 PM, mystery said:

The best interviews from Axl show him as kind of self aware and self deprecating so I believe it. The next leg of the NITL tour needs to have a dedicated Axl stand-up section. 

They can add the stand up in the middle of RQ. There's plenty of time!

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It's been a consistent thing said by different people that Axl is a genuinely nice and funny guy which clashes with most people's perception of him. Most guys that left the band during the long process of Chinese Democracy speak fondly of Axl.

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