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Hulu's Pam and Tommy

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22 hours ago, Dazey said:

I got as far as the talking dick. 😂

I know what the hell was that? If Tommy really talked to his penis, then he really is a dummy. lol

i just thought the actors were excellent playing them. 

Anyway, Saturday February 19, TNT will have supposedly the "real" story of the Pam and Tommy being released. I think this show is going to say they new about the release of the video or they released it themselves. Who knows?

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Pam and Tommy seek help in finding their sex tape in a private I.

Well, the one scene where he asks them if they had any enemies, Tommy has a very long list and of course, Axl Rose, made that list. lol I think Tommy listed half the band members of the 80's. lol

I felt that Pam got more shit for this tape than Tommy did. Being a woman it seems all eyes will blame you for something. 

This was a private video and those guys involved with making the tapes are pigs. I did see a show on TNT last night about the time for Pam and Tommy and this tape. One guy did admit that he was wrong to get involved in releasing the tape, but whenever money is involved the worst comes out in people, in this case, men. Even Jay Leno acted like a real pig over this tape.

So glad both Pam and Tommy have moved past it. Maybe one day everyone will forget about this and move on too.

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