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Slash R&R HOF

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First off, I gotta say fuck the hall of fame in general..

That said, I think it is time for Slash to be inducted into the RRHOF for his achievements in and outside of Guns..  While not all his ventured were widely successful he is a rock n' roll icon. Guns N' Roses, Snakepit, Velvet Revolver, his solo album, SMKC and COUNTLESS guest appearances on albums from Bob Dylan to Lenny Kravitz and Michael Jackson. 

For the performance he could get Dave Grohl or someone to sing Slither.. Then do Sweet Child and Anastasia with Myles.. Maybe even Always on the Run with Lenny... Or he could just use his spot to rip peoples face off with one of his 15 minute guitar solos.. 

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As a solo artist wouldn't he be ineligible in the performer category until 2035 anyway, 25 years after his (first) solo release?

All of his other projects have been full bands or collaborations/guest appearances with others

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I think with Slash his overall persona and presence as a guitarist is more felt than the solo material he has done, if that makes sense. 

Like he is one of the "guitar hero" people (literally and figuratively lol) - I am not sure if the Rock Hall of Fame would count that in-itself as worthy enough for a solo induction like they would people like Stevie Nicks or Sting because they have so many big hits that they are known for solo just as much as the hits from the bands they were in

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