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Help with axl photo

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Hi guys, im about to make me a axl tatto about a photo of him very angry, i think in the 80s , he is singing with an angry face/screaming with closed teeths) i think he has the perm like 80s glam hair look but im not sure, i cant find this picture anywhere :( 

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14 minutes ago, King_Johnny said:

So, we're looking for a picture of a notoriously angry singer, looking angry while singing :lol:

To save people checking places unnecessarily could you let us know where you have already looked? Have you checked out Reckless Road or the Robert John book? I have a copy of Reckless Road and would be able to check it for you, but not for a few days.

Good luck!

no i don didn t know about that book, i check the forum, pinterest and google four hours, :( 

that would be epic!!!! 

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11 hours ago, -W.A.R- said:

Surely you aren't talking about the WTTJ video right?


nono but the look of axl was with this haristyle i think was in the marquee era 

11 hours ago, jamillos said:

Tell us what he was wearing, how his hair looked like etc.

glam hair, he was closed teeth angry makeup, circa 86,87 i think he was wearing nothing only pants but im not sure , could be london marque but im not sure, or maybe troubator

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2 hours ago, alfierose said:

There's a few here I found. Mostly from the Marquee I think. 

The black and white one is from a recent photo book - see below thread.





thanks so much! i could use some of these if i didin t find the one, i really apreciate it 

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