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AFD Survivor Round 1


Vote for your least favorite AFD song to be evicted  

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5 minutes ago, snoman said:

not possible theyre all great


It's a great album but there's definitely some songs that are weaker than others.

You're Crazy is leading and I'm not surprised, but the acoustic/hybrid versions of that song made me appreciate it more than a couple other AFD songs. Anything Goes is in the same tier as Back Off Bitch, Ain't Goin' Down, etc. while You're Crazy is a level above that IMO.

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Tough one because I suppose SCOM is the song I least need to hear again, but not because it's a bad song. Anything Goes has a shit chorus thst goes way too into generic glam / Motley territory but overall the instrumental track is amazing both melodies and rhythm changes so not a shit song overall. Crazy has similar problems but again the basic instrumental track is a decent thrasher.  Think About You is a bit soppy I guess. Michelle chorus is again into glam / Motley / hair territory but banging riffs and other sections.  I don't  know, it's hard to kick one tbh. 

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I guess some people saw only the title of the topic, skipped the message and voted for the best one... or not, there may be people who don't like Rocket Queen or Nightrain so much, why not.

You're Crazy is my choice.

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