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AFD Survivor Round 5


Vote for your LEAST FAVORITE AFD song to be evicted   

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It's been hidin' out and layin' low until now...

Out ta Get Me....is gone!

Which song will be next to go?

Round 1 - Anything Goes
Round 2 - You're Crazy
Round 3 - Think About You
Round 4 - Out ta Get Me
Round 5 - ???
Round 6 - ???
Round 7 - ???
Round 8 - ???
Round 9 - ???
Round 10 - ???
Round 11 - ???
Round 12 - ???


HOW IT WORKS: Each round, you vote for your LEAST FAVORITE of the options. The option with the most votes gets eliminated in the next round, and so on, until only one song remains.

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Now it stands between My Michelle and Paradise City for me. PC's chorus lyrics is a bit silly and anthemic and My Michelle's got that great sinister Izzy melody in the beginning, but still PC is the better song for the heavy riff verse and Axl's singing and general upbeat party mood. My Michelle needs to go.

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My Michelle was with the most votes 95% of the time, but in the end OTGM dropped out. I am voting for My Michelle again.

12 hours ago, Axls_Moustache_Rules said:

Lol fuck you guys


OTGM wins.

I agree. OTGM > My Michelle, ISE, Mr Brownstone.


So, you can suck me.
Take that one to heart !

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