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Ultimate GNR Lineup?

Ultimate GNR Lineup  

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Unpopular opinion but it's the current lineup for me. Good mix of classic and 'new', and handles the entire catalogue well. Plus, I enjoy the sound 🤷‍♂️

I've liked every lineup for their own reasons, but I'm definitely a fan of what we have now.

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9 hours ago, agustingloger said:

How can You vote a line up without Slash and Duff. Madness

Pretty simple really... Some ppl have only seen nu guns till reunion guns... Ive seen both and hands down the brain, finck, stinson and an axl with cornrows ponytail on fire vocally and band tight smashes todays snoozefest live show mickey mouse vocal and crap drummer and a sailor moon chick standing on a platform band??

Just my opinion of course... 2007 axl was awesome my first and fav gnr show still to this day. Raspy and had good ol baz opening for guns and he came out an co sang my michele 🙏👌😀

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10 hours ago, History2010 said:

There should also be a 2006 line up option with Brain. He played 17 shows with that lineup.

You're right, but I had to narrow it down somehow. Technically there needs to be an Izzy on UYI tour option as well and maybe even a 2006 option with Izzy as he joined them more than just once or twice. But you're absolutely right, Brain didn't leave the tour until they were already on the road in Europe.

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UYI (Studio) - Axl, Izzy, Slash, Duff, Matt, Dizzy

As much as I also love the AFD era, that UYI era with all that druggy grandezza and extravaganza somehow does it for me more nowadays.

I also really enjoy that mystique around that 2001 line up, something I'd never have thought I'd say back in the days from 2004 on.

Dream line up would be 90's Axl, todays's Duff, 80's Izzy, 2001's Brain with Slash (mix of today and 90's) and Buckethead (of course during his GNR stint) sharing leads. :D

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