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AFD Survivor Round 9


Vote for your LEAST FAVORITE AFD song to be evicted   

143 members have voted

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It's gotta go, it's gotta go...

Paradise City...is gone!

Which song will be next to go?

Round 1 - Anything Goes
Round 2 - You're Crazy
Round 3 - Think About You
Round 4 - Out ta Get Me
Round 5 - My Michelle
Round 6 - Sweet Child o' Mine
Round 7 - Mr. Brownstone
Round 8 - Paradise City
Round 9 - ???
Round 10 - ???
Round 11 - ???
Round 12 - ???


HOW IT WORKS: Each round, you vote for your LEAST FAVORITE of the options. The option with the most votes gets eliminated in the next round, and so on, until only one song remains.

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Wonder if PC popularity suffers on this forum from how it is always the final song in the concert.

So many times people have been excited that something new might get played, or a deep cut had been soundchecked, and before you know it Captain America's been torn apart again.

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These threads prove what I already know about this forum. The views on this forum are generally out of sync with the average standard GNR fan. 

SCOM and PC are 2 of the greatest rock tracks ever written. 

If people on this forum had a choice they would probably be replaced in the set for Riad and Absurd haha 

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6 hours ago, jamillos said:

Since when is ISE better than Paradise City, you absolute hacks!? :wacko: :crazy:

I don’t think everyone is using the same criterium to judge what they think is “better”. Certainly it’s not a better musical track than PC. For some songs like ISE and Nightrain incapsulate that club-era GNR hedonistic sound that they want to be projected to them when they listen to those tracks. While PC is not subliminally hedonistic and reckless as it’s a song for the masses. I think ISE and Nightrain are songs for the fans. 

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2 hours ago, jacdaniel said:

 The views on this forum are generally out of sync with the average standard GNR fan. 

Of course they are, because most of us are not average standard GNR fans. Average casual fans don't usually spend time on message boards.

Hard core fans tend to always prefer some lesser known songs over the biggest hits.

It's just how it is. Look at any fan forum of any band or artists. The hardcore fans always tend to prefer deep cuts. GnR fans are no different.

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