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Best GNR Album?

What's the best Guns N' Roses album?  

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With the exception of Lies and TSI, I always considered them pretty evenly matched, and although I like UYI's and CD more, I must say that for consistency the best is AFD.

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The only right answer is AFD. It might not even have the best songs GnR did, but it's by miles the best album. In terms of coherency, length and just gelling as a whole it's GnR's best album. The UYI's have some amazing songs, but as a whole they're much more flawed imo. Very long and therefor more of a chore to sit throug. Incoherent in many ways and despite all the killer there's also filler. TSI, though underrated, just isn't up there quality-wise and CD is the tragic story of what could have been on top of sufffering from many of the same problems UYI did and then some. Lies isn't an album. 

11 minutes ago, BillConnor_1982 said:

Rough Mixes CD #1

I'd rate this under AFD. It's much more of a coherent whole than CD itself, the songs have much more energy, direction and purpose and it just fucking works. Despite that TWAT and Prostitute as songs would still get a lot better than they were at that point in time, as a whole it works. Very very well.  

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I don't really think that any GN'R album is particularly the "best". They are all different in their unique way & depending on what mood/mind state one is in, they deliver differently. My belief is that every fan does have a favourite song, but even this changes based on their nature at the given time. Often however, I can say that my favourite song is Sorry because it denounces Narcissists & growing up with a Narcissistic mother, the song really does offer me a means of support with putting her down for it. I also really like You Could Be Mine equally as much, for its eccentric style of drumming in the lengthy introductory jam, especially that drumming from 47-53 seconds; it's like it is hitting higher & higher & then it reverses & restarts in a more stable manner.

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