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Use Your Illusion I Survivor - Round 7

Vote for your LEAST FAVORITE UYI I song to be evicted   

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It's not a problem we can stop, it's just a poll!

Garden Of Eden....is gone!

Which song will be next to go?

Round 1 - Bad Apples
Round 2 - You Ain't The First
Round 3 - Back Off Bitch
Round 4 - Bad Obsession
Round 5 - Live And Let Die
Round 6 - Garden Of Eden
Round 7 - ???
Round 8 - ???
Round 9 - ???
Round 10 - ???
Round 11 - ???
Round 12 - ???
Round 13 - ???
Round 14 - ???
Round 15 - ???
Round 16 - ???

HOW IT WORKS: Each round, you vote for your LEAST FAVORITE of the options. The option with the most votes gets eliminated in the next round, and so on, until only one song remains.

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I wonder how UYI 2 survivor is gonna turn out. Aside from maybe 4 or 5 stinkers that album has some of the best rock music ever recorded.

Voted RNDTH here, all other songs left for UYI 1 at this point are just too good to vote em off.

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Ok that's an easy one. 

I'm beating the Dead Horse.


I just wanted to say that I'll be really pissed if you guys vote out The Garden. That's such a good song with great vocals, one of Slash's best solos and amazing heavy riffing.


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Haven't been listening to GNR for quite a while but just listened to UYI1 again and I think this is how I rank them:

1. Coma

2. The Garden

3. November Rain

4. Double Talkin' Jive

5. Don't Cry

6. Perfect Crime

7. You Ain't The First

8. Right Next Door To Hell

9. Dead Horse

10. Garden of Eden

11. Dust N' Bones

12. Don't Damn Me

13. Live and Let Die

14. Bad Obsession

15. Back Off Bitch

16. Bad Apples

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Imagining looking at the list of songs remaining and believing November Rain is the worst of the bunch.  Insanity!

Again, Dust N' Bones for me.  Crazy it's lasted this long.  Mediocre song at best. 

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