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Shooting on Brooklyn, NY subway

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Today some guy throw a gas bomb on a Brooklyn subway and starting shooting people on the train and the platform.

He wore a gas mask and a green worker vest as he left the train. Authorities are looking at tons of video footage. The shooter left behind guns and ammo.

The city is not sure if this is one crazy bastard or a terrorist threat.

My dad and mom and I rode the New York city subways to get to our jobs for many years.  I can't believe this has happened, but honestly not surprised.

Many horrors have happened on the trains in NYC.  Let's hope they find this bastard. I'm sure someone knows who he is and hopefully will tell the police. The FBI is involved too.


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New York city police arrested the suspect today from a tip from a New Yorker.

The guy has an arrest list that dates back into the 90's in multiple states.

I doubt he'll get out of jail this time around.

One man protected a pregnant woman with his body and was shot. As far as we know, everyone will be okay, but the stress and fright of that day will stay with them for awhile, but New Yorkers went right back on the train today to get to work. Good for them!

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