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GNR Survivor: Tours - Round 9

9.Next tour to be Eliminated?  

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which tour should go next?

Round 1 Appetite for Democracy

Round 2 Up Close and Personal

Round 3 Chinese Democracy Tour (09-2011)

Round 4 We're F'N Back! (2021)

Round 5 Chinese Democracy Tour (01/02)

Round 6 Chinese Democracy Tour (06/07)

Round 7 The Early Days of Guns N' Roses/Hell tour (85-87)

Round 8 Not in This Lifetime... Tour (16-19)

Round 9 ???

Round 10 ???

Round 11 ???


HOW IT WORKS: Each round, you vote for your LEAST FAVORITE of the options. The option with the most votes gets eliminated in the next round, and so on, until only one Tour remains

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Fuck me this one's tough.

Afd has the raw hungry feel and has some great shows such as Marquee 87, Japan 88 and is just the classic 5

UYI is some of the most over the top, crazy shows. With the full back up singers, horn section and generally good shows. Yes Axl was often late and pissed off but it gave back some of the aggression from the early days.

Skin & Bones has some of the best shows off the band period. Paris 93 rips 92 apart. You've Hartford 93 which again has so much power. Milton Keynes is another great couple of shows. The acoustic set in the middle with the sofa. The striped down pure rock show Plus Izzy returning for 5 shows.

Overall I had to vote for UYI. simply because I get more enjoyment out of the shows from the other two

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I have to say Illusions. I think it started off great, but by the end Axl's voice was worn, he was miserable, and the rest of the band were in the throws of their addictions. 

Skin N' Bones they sound weirdly better on - makes little sense, but I stand by it.

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