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GN'R Survivor: Singles and Unreleased (1999-2021) ROUND 4

Singles and Unreleased (1999-2021)  

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Eye On You... is gone!


HOW IT WORKS: Each round, you vote for your LEAST FAVORITE of the options. The option with the most votes gets eliminated in the next round, and so on, until only one song remains.

Round 1 - Absurd
Round 2 - Silkworms (2000)
Round 3 - Eye On You
Round 4 - ???
Round 5 - ???
Round 6 - ???
Round 7 - ???
Round 8 - ???
Round 9 - ???
Round 10 - ???
Round 11 - ???

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5 hours ago, Gordon Comstock said:

How is it a joke?

Obviously it's a matter of taste, but I never liked the guitars on the demo version. The problem is not just the unnecessary intro, but the guitar tone in general is annoying. Hard Skool has that raw Guns n' Roses sound that we all love. Duff's intro is sweet, I love the main riff of the song, that's totally missing from the demo version too. Even the slower part works better in the final version cause there's actually some vocals. The last build up -part is way over the top on the original demo. As much as I like Buckethead, his approach to music is sometimes a bit too comical for my taste. In general the final version just works way better and sounds more like what I want Guns n' Roses to sound like.

And this is coming from someone who actually loves Chinese Democracy.

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