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Low Voice on AFD PC Recording Intro Chorus


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I've wondered this for a while but just now remembered to make a thread.  On the AFD of PC, especially during the intro "take me down to the paradise city...take me home," one of the vocal layers is a deep voice.  Is that Axl?  There seem to be 57 layers of Axl so it's certainly possible.  I was just wondering if it was just his voice singing in different octaves or if it is Izzy or Duff (or Slash even).

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2 hours ago, Voodoochild said:

It's Axl indeed. He uses his low register on Nightrain too (he sings "Nightrain" with his deep voice when the lead vocal says "I'm on the Nightrain"). It actually repeats during the outro solo. But that's really hard to hear in the mix.

Yep, when I finally got a good pair of headphones years ago I heard that. I remember posting about it on another gnr forum at the time and people said I was crazy lol

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5 minutes ago, Jakey Styley said:

Same thing with “deep down inside…” on You Ain’t the First. Axl can go low as shit. I’m pretty sure he sung bass in the church choir.

I had assumed that line from You Ain't The First was his lowest note. But apparently there's a vocal track on TWAT that is even lower.

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