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Australian tour aircraft

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53 minutes ago, Shacklermyrye said:

Ain't this a bit creepy?

What's creepy about this? Every flight enthusiast is following certain routes/flight numbers on flightradar. Maybe the concept is new to some of you. But it's very normal.

18 hours ago, nathanhall said:

Hi all.  The last Aussie tour I watched the plane on flightradar.com .  I can't seem to find their plane this time around.  Anyone know the rego?

How's the ATC Live in Australia, covering all?

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3 hours ago, nathanhall said:

I ain't following them around and spying.  I'm watching my favorite band of over 30 years fly around our country on a website.  Last time they were here I watched the time that the plane left Tullamarine Airport and saw the plane fly over my house.  It was just realy cool to see and was amazing to think that my heroes are up there at that moment in our country.  Nothing more.  Huge fans meet their idols at the airport and leaving hotel rooms all the time.  Then there's met and greets etc.  Since GN'R don't do that, how cool would it be to run into them off stage and get a quick photo and say hi?

Makes perfect sense to me. And if the band want to take my $1000+  for two tickets to tonight's show,  and even more for the Gold Coast and Adelaide shows, then surely a photo if the opportunity arises isn't that much to ask for? 

As long as you are respectful, polite and respect boundaries even if they refuse, then I think it is okay.

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