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UEFA Euro 2024

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Imo england fans/media are there own worst advocates for England.

The team haven't been that convincing, but they haven't looked like they were on the verge of elimination either.

The Trent expirament (I'm a Liverpool fan) makes zero sense. Trent isn't Toni Kross or Andrea Pirlo. His passing isn't that good and he's terrible at defending. Why do they keep trying to get him on the field out off position?

Also haven't seen Gallagher do anything either. Despite all the calls to get him on to the field, all he's did was ("showing engery"), play poorly and get booked in a game. He's basically in danger of becoming the new Grealish at this point, albeit with less diving.

Foden's also been pretty poor imo in this tory and maybe that shouldn't be blamed on Southgate.

Bellingham hasn't had a ballon dor type torny so far, but he hasn't been that bad imo (for the talking heads that want him dropped). I also think Saka's been fine too, he at least tries it these games. 

I know people like upsets, but I hope all the favorites go through in the next few days - so we get some dramatic/exciting quarters next weekend.

A Germany/France semi would be fun.

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We were awful. One moment of brilliance does not make up for how awful we were there, sorry but it don't. Things have to change drastically in next game. Pickford nearly caught off his line playing way to deep in to field & you could see it coming. We have gotten to this point by sheer luck so far.

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1 hour ago, We love Axl Rose said:

I'm heartbroken for Slovakia, so close to the big surprise win by underdog. :(

Today: France-Beligum and Portugal-Slovenia. I'm rooting for Portugal to win it all! 

@rocknroll41Is it time for Ronaldo to score? :lol:

Tbh I don’t even care if he doesn’t score. Just as long as the team wins haha!

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