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LONDON, UK, 2002


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Ahhh, concert memories  ;D Such good memories  ;D

After throwing bottles at the opening act, and chanting 'Axl Axl Axl' for over 30 minutes the crowd were beginning to get a bit tense as to whether he would show up or not... but then the lights went out!

"Will you help me believe?..... Yes! I believe!,.... I believe in pain............"

and right there and then it was like FUCK YEH AXL!!!!! The intro finished and then there was no instant opening riff for Welcome To The Jungle (like Rio 3) Those 5 seconds waiting for the first note seemed to last forever. So many thought went through my head, like maybe the arena played that just to get the crowd excited because still hadnt showed..... fuck it was tense'! The the lights blinked on and off repetitively and all of a sudden Robin Finck, just 2 feet in front of me (i was front row) came flying over the amplifier smashing through Welcome To The Jungle and it was just amazing! Axl wore a KFC bucket during the song which had the crowd really excited and laughing at the same time.....

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...The rant that came a few songs in, although it was bad sound quality, everyone just cheered anyway! All I heard was 'for livin inside my ass' and right there and then I experienced my first Axl rant. Pretty good one too  ;D Richard Fortus stood right in front of me was like an Izzy Stradlin on speeds (according to NME  :P ) and he was jsut cool  :D He was looking directly at me during Think About You (I think it was that tune anyway) and he probably noticed my 'WHERE'S IZZY' tshirt, but he probably couldnt give a fuck. I was so fuckin happy to see GNR and he could tell if he looked at me. Axl came over to us and winked at the crowd and I leaned over the barriers to take a quick photo before the security guards starting punching me in the stomach to take a step back - couldnt they see I was crushed!? I took oof my St Louis Sucks tshirt before the gig started and held it in my hand for a few songs but thought 'Fuck It' and just launched it straight to Axl. He looked in it's direction but cos of the lights wont have seen it. It was the best effort made by someone in the crowd to get a tshirt on stage as mine landed right on the butt of Fortuss guitar. A security guard took it off instantly and threw it off stage. Unfortunately for him it hit Axl's microphone stand as Axl stood next to it, and straight away I hopped over the barrier and took a photo - Axl was next to my tshirt  ;D Security threw me to the floor and asked me to leave, but i hopped back over the barrier and merged back into the sold out arena. Forcing my way back to the front row the gig rocked all night with me being front row for practically the whole gig. On Paradise City I got hauled up and thrown about 10 feet into the air - of course the i realised I had somehow ended up in the mosh pit with all the smoke and confetti and I was being crowd surfed over the barrier right in front of stage again! Security once again kicked the crap out of me while I was on the floor  the wankers! Un-deterred by this little set back I hopped back into the crowd as soon as I got the chance and went crowd surfin again!  :D It was the best feelin ever at the time knowing there are 12000 other Gunners packed into one arena all loving the same music! Axl rocked as did GUNS N ROSES. I am a huge Izzy fan but this is GUNS N ROSES - I dont care what anyone says! Until you have seen these live you cant judge them. Thank You Axl for a great night that I wont forget - especially not now I have it on video ;D

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i went 2 london 2!!!! wot an amazin gig!! i'll never 4get + i sat behind puddle of mudd

Axl was amazin so were the rest of the band.

my fave song of the night was "think about you"

I wanted 2 hear some of their songs from UYI 1/2 but nevermind they rocked london's roof off and they were well worth the money ;D ;D

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I was there. I was seated cos i had just got back from the leeds festival where i had also seen GnR and so too exausted for standing. Awesome gig but i thought leeds was better.

I way preferred Docklands... probably because i didn't pass out there and have to be carried over the barrier!! (that was all the prodigy fans fault for beating me up) :(

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yeah, I was at Docklands... ROCKED MY WORLD!!!! Best concert I've ever been to.... well I'm torn between that and this other gig I went to in London last Thursday... some chap wearing a top hat that was fairly average at guitar, and a singer from some grunge band or something.... meh :lol: . They rocked as well...

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