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Jimmy Page or Van Halen

Me Scandar

who do is better?  

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i saw the thread on another forum and most ppl said jimmy was very overated, and that van halen was definatley second only to hendrix, my opinion is that halen is great, but hes shit besides page, page is great, just listen to any "Since ive been loving you" solo live, it has so much emotion on it, on the other hand, van halen wanks on the chords and shit, im not sayin hes a bad guitar player, i prefer page, whadya guys say

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Page of halen. hendrix over page.

Id even put slash over halen.

Halen is a damn good guitarist, but his style, which is super fast hammering and tricks isnt as good as a solo that blends well with song being played, something which slash, hendrix and page do better. to name a few.

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Page is great because he did put a lot of emotion into his playing, and he was extremely influencial and probably rock's most important ax-slinger. HOWEVER, his playing isn't really all that amazing. EVH is the better player by a hundred fold. EVH can do all that Page can do, and more, but Page could never do all that EVH could do. EVH can have very emotion-filled solos as well, as demonstrated in the live versions of Sammy Hagar's "Eagles Fly" and songs like "Not Enough." Van Halen can do it all, and Page, simply, cannot.

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Best Guitarist Ever: Jimi Hendrix

2nd Best: David Gilmour

3rd Best: Jimmy Page

somewhere down there... Halen

I wish Gilmour would get more respect than he does, I think he's just not as popular because he never played real fast.

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Jimmy Page is God. Simple as that. Page's legacy dwarfs Van Halen's completely!

No contest here, Page had way more imagination as a writer, and as a producer.

As a guitarist, Jimmy Page is simply a bigger influence than Eddie. People look up to Page way more than Eddie. Emotional and spontaeity are what Jimmy Page is all about. The solo for I'm Gonna Crawl says more with a few notes than Eddie's tapping ever will.

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