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The Best Guistarists in history

Master Of Puppets

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50- David Gilmour

49- Yngwie Malmsteen

48- Steve Vai

47- Andy Summers

46- Adrian Belew

45- Alvin Lee

44- Robby Krieger

43- Tony Iommi

42- Steve Howe

41- Neil Young

40- Prince

39- The Edge

38- Tom Verlaine

37- Randy Rhoads

36- Kurt Cobain

35- Ritchie Blackmore

34- Tom Morello

33- Dick Dale

32- Pete Townshend

31- John Mclaughlin

30- Les Paul

29- Pat Metheny

28- Scotty Moore

27- Frank Zappa

26- Eric Clapton

25- Brian May

24- Robert Fripp

23- Angus Young

22- Steve Cropper

21- Johnny Ramone

20- Ron Asheton

19- John Petrucci

18- Eddie Hazel

17- Stevie Ray Vaughan

16- Jack White

15- John Fogerty

14- George Harrison

13- B.B. King

12- Kirk Hammet

11- Mark Knopfler

10- Robert Johnson

09- Chuck Berry

08- Duane Allman

07- Jeff Beck

06- Joe Satriani

05- Carlos Santana

04- Jimmy Page

03- Eddie Van Halen

02- Keith Richards

01- Jimmi Hendrix


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Wow, Rolling Stones doesn't know shit. Was this list made by some dumb ass teenager or something? Because there's too many modern guitairst that shouldn't be so high. And no Slash? Kurt Cobain above David Gilmour? And I like Jack White but Eric Clapton is definently better than him. Fucking morons... :fuckyou:

No wonder my dad hates that magazine and calls it crap, they're idiots.

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naw.... they have some very good guitarists in there, but of course its not perfect enough. imo nobody can ever make a list that will be perfect. so honestly, they should stop with these little top 50 or top 100 things, cuz theyre never gonna make a perfect one. there are just too many guitarists to consider.

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Why is Kurt Cobain higher than guys like David Gilmour? No offense to Nirvana fans, but Cobain isn't exactly a great guitarist. And no Slash? What's the deal with that. These lists are always crappy.

I agree..I`m a big Nirvana fan but Kurt shouldn`t be in that list..

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