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i will have to admit it


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There are no bands that I am ashammd of likeing. I could care less what others thin. honestly. I like what I like and that's all there is to it. I mean I've said it a bunch of times, Justin Timberlake isn't bad as far as pop, danceable music goes. Sue me. I could care less.

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All the music I like. Because it's not considered cool at my school. But do I give a shit? No

I know what you mean, no one likes the music I listen to either. Well and I do find it quite hard to find people who likes some of the music I like, online too actually.

But I don't care, although, I think it'd be nice if there were people around who listen to the same as I do

Diskofil are pretty amazingly bad though, that's what makes them awesome

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Same with me, I like what I like, don't care if anybody else likes it. So besides the Gunners (and VR) I like:




Green Day

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Linkin Park


Elvis Presley

The Prodigy

and some german bands most of you don't know (Rammstein, Die Ärzte, Tote Hosen, Fanta 4)

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i like linkin park.... :unsure: i think their last album was pretty cool...

i like:




sum 41(just the album does this look infected, and maybe their new album, i dont know, ive only heard the single)

rhapsody(some time)

michael jackson is cool... i dont like a lot of songs from him but i liked the ways he was dancing

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