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GnR Total Album Sales


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i've read in alot of places that AFD sold 15M copies but on some GnR websites n shit it says that AFD sold 20M copies n i dont kno wat to believe...like maybe the 15M was from the year that it was released n over time another 5M were sold or somn

o n i'd like 2 kno album sales 4 the rest of their albums (lies UYI SI?) (either the year it wuz released or amount sold up 2 date n PLZ specify which) :(


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Afd sales were at like nine million when the band was still original then by like 92 it was already at 15, beating boston for the best selling debut album..I think alanis broke it with jagged little pill.. So since the start of the 90's afd has had the label of 15 million... To this day the album itself when asked how many albums were sold. is known for selling 15 million...

I wouldn't be suprised if it's doubleby now, but for some reason the numbers never get passed 15 million, it must be something where the numbers are counted in a certain time period, like why did it stop at 15 million??Maybe when it feel offthe charts for good??

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