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Here's how shitty U2 is


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Only joking of course. here's a link to some interesting opinions and ideas towards U2's songs. Some possible, some fact(I've heard Bono say certain things in interviews). Anyways regardless of what is said in this link, you'll be hard pressed to find empty cliche meanings to songs he writes. Just thought I'd through this out there for those who diss and mock the song writing ability of U2 and Bono's lyrics in paticular. Cheers!


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i think that u2's lyrics are some of the best ever, i'm not a fan of politics incorporated into songs but bono does it so eloquently that nobody who dissaproves even cares :lol:

personally i dig plant/page's and morrison's lyrics more than bono's but that's only my personal view. Especially morrison (at the moment) cuz it's just such beautiful poetry about death and sex, but the level of sensuality is just beyond any chart on the matter (if there is one :P:lol: )

just my 2 cents


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