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to me st anger was better than contraband

i think the system is gonna be better than both ;) i cant wait to buy it :) ive heard kick the chair and die dead enough they're good songs but i havent listened enough i'll listen to the album in vh1 later on i'll see how it goes

i really hope that they'll tour soon

have any of u guys heard anything about a tour?

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have any of u guys heard anything about a tour?

The dates have been announced for MEGADETH's "The System Has Failed" fall tour 2004. Venue information will follow soon. Support at all dates is expected to come from the Los Angeles-based quintet EARSHOT and an as-yet-unannounced third act.

MEGADETH's "The System Has Failed" Fall Tour 2004:

Oct. 26 - San Diego, CA @ TBA

Oct. 27 - San Francisco, CA @ TBA

Oct. 29 - Los Angeles, CA @ TBA

Oct. 30 - Phoenix, AZ @ TBA

Oct. 31 - Tucson, AZ @ TBA

Nov. 02 - Denver, CO @ TBA

Nov. 04 - Minneapolis, MN @ TBA

Nov. 05 - Chicago, IL @ TBA

Nov. 06 - Grand Rapids, MI @ TBA

Nov. 08 - Cleveland, OH @ TBA

Nov. 09 - Washington, DC @ TBA

Nov. 10 - New York City, NY @ TBA

Nov. 12 - Philadelphia, PA @ TBA

Nov. 13 - Boston, MA @ TBA

Nov. 14 - Montreal, QB @ TBA

Nov. 16 - Toronto, ON @ TBA

Nov. 17 - Detroit, MI @ TBA

Nov. 19 - Milwaukee, WI @ TBA

Nov. 20 - St. Louis, MO @ TBA

As previously reported, MEGADETH's lineup for the upcoming tour will be as follows:

Dave Mustaine – Guitar/Vocals

Glen Drover (EIDOLON, ex-KING DIAMOND) – Guitar

Nick Menza – Drums

James MacDonough (ex-ICED EARTH) – Bass

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I saw them last night with six of my guy friends. I swear I only saw like four other girls there the entire time. It was an awesome show. We got their five hours before it started, so we were all the way in front. I was smashed but it was worth it cause I got see fuckin Megadeth! I caught a pick from Glen Drover, too. B) And one of the guys I went with got a drumstick and setlist from Exodus.

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:o they didnt play the scorpion at my show :( , that's like my favorite new song after kick the chair ;) which kicks sooo much ass, but the scorpion is great as well what songs did u like the best?

me= hangar 18, peace sells, trust, SWEATING BULLETS ;) , holy wars, kick the chair :) very good concert, and also killing road and train of consequences and a tout le monde, wow so many good songs :)

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Yeah, I was glad when they started playing it. I was gonna get a Scorpion girl's tank top, but the line was too long. :( I think I'm gonna order it from megamerch though. The played most of those songs too, Hangar 18 and Holy Wars was great, and Symphony and Peace Sells the crowd went crazy. Oh and Back in the Day was really cool. Exodus came out again during that one to sing with them. Rick Hunolt and Gary Holt gave me high-fives during that song.

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