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Do you like Nirvana?

Gunner Boy

Do you like Nirvana?  

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Nirvana's music wasn't too bad, but it really didn't do too much for me. Musically, they were pretty basic, and the lyrics made no sense. And contrary to what Rolling Stone and just about every guitar magazine under the sun believe, Kurt Cobain WAS NOT one of the greatest guitarists ever.

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No, but I respect them for what they have done.

What is there to respect them for?.... :mellow:

I still don't understand why they got so popular

Well, I think that Kurt managed to refelct the feeling of an entire generation. To me, Kurt was a beautifull example of a creative and at the same time very vulnerable soul, that couldn't handle all the big rock fame. The guy was feeling a lot of negative stuff, as many youngsters did back then. He expressed in his music what they didn't always have words for. Then he got famous for doing so. And still he remained the same normal down to earth guy. But he couldn't handle it all, got depressed...

I think he chalanged mainstream music. I think he wanted people to respect his music, and really listen to it for what it was. People just liked it because they were nice tunes. As mostly in the mainstream. So he made his music less accessable, just to see what would happen.

That's just a very simplistic explenation of what I think of the man. I could be wrong offcourse, and I find it difficult to explain this kinda stuff in english. So I hope I put it to words about right. He managed to speak out stuff that other people were feeling. So called "voice of a generation".

And for that, I do respect him. :)


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