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(Unusual) Song recommendation thread


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The idea of this thread is to recommend songs that are not your usual recommedations on a GNR board, like Metallica, Buckethead, any well known Rock/Metal stuff, but songs that are Classic, Techno, from the 50's or before, country etc. Songs that hardly get any any air-time and are not SO well known

"Unusual" recommendations.

I'll start, naturally, but with more than one or two:

Lee Marvin - Wandrin' Star (melodic, slow, choral)

The Defonics - Didn't I blow your mind this time (70's soft)

Bootsy Collins - I'd rather be with you (funky Bootsy!)

Castlevania theme (good before killing vampires and stuff)

The Delfonics - Have you seen her? (70's soft)

Fats Waller - I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter (30's, piano)

Hank Williams Sr.&Jr. - There's a tear in my beer (haha, funny country)

Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross - You are everything (great duet)

ZZ Top - Doubleback (Was played in Back to the future III)


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Paul Oakenfold - Resident: 2 Years Live at Cream

Coldplay - Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head

Paul Oakenfold - Global Underground: New York

Staind - Break the Cycle

Steve Miller Band - Greatest Hits: '74-'76

The Doors - Best Of

Counting Crowes - Best Of

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I also forgot to add John Frusciante-The Will To Death and Shadows Collide With People.His most recent albums

I much prefer his earlier work during his heroin years,but at times it is quite hard to listen/stomach,he sounds in so much pain your heart just bleeds for him.

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Easy - by Faith No More = great song!!

Yeh thats a great song. Apparently its about a gay guy, who has sex with guys, and sunday morning is easy cause he has a good night out. But my brother told me that, he kinda lost all credibility when he told me slash started playing guitar at 28, and he still defends it ... !

David Lee Roth - Just like paradise ... wee steve vai's guitar work is brilliant in that, also yankee rose :D

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Hey I've got a few.

Arrested Development - Luxury (Hip Hop, but not the kind you see on MTV, really funky groove to it and nice funny lyrics)

Big & Rich - Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) (Funny country rock kinda song... really gets me in a good mood)

Infected Mushroom - Bust a Move (Psychedelic Trance, really cool, even if you don't like the genre)

Infected Mushroom - Dancing With Kadafi (Slower track by that group, not har beating Trance and shit, relaxing and awesome, really really recommended).

Infected Mushroom - Elevation (Another relaxing track from them, with lotsa classical piano)

1200 mics - Acid for Nothing (Really cool remake of the famous Money for nothing song)

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Albums:Any album by the late Elliott Smith(1969-2003) especially XO, Figure 8 and Either/Or.

Sumday and The Sophtware Slump by Grandaddy

Endtroducing by DJ Shadow

Sea Change by Beck

Illmatic by Nas(greatest hip-hop album ever)


The Dark is Rising by Mercury Rev

Freak on a Leash by Korn(video is actually better than the song)

Asshole by Dennis Leary

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