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Ten worst "metal" bands of the last five years


Ten worst "metal" bands of the last five years  

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limp bizkit was pretty fuckin good at the beginning i dont know why so many people bash them :rolleyes: who cares if fred durst is a douchebag the music is not so bad

I agree. Fred has a cool screaming voice.

I think they should have stuck to that instead of singing.. 'Behind Blue Eyes' .. yea that sucked.

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Limp Bizkit. Its rap with guitars.


I really think Limp Bizkit is crap as well as Linking Park. The totally suck

but, the worst band of those has to be Korn. lol, they are a joke.

I dont think that Likin Park is that bad because their music is rock-rap. Where they have rock and rapped mixxed together while Bizket is just bad rap with guitars. I like a few Korn songs but Im not too big of a fan.

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I can some up all those bands by a quote i found on the internet which inspired this voting poll...

"So, let me get this right.... no talent + an addition of pre fab hot topic looks then stir in some genaric "white guy I don't really know what true suffering is about anger" a pinch of crappy over done bass crunching and tripple bass drum beats and PooF you got your top ten list... sounds about right"

And linkin park fit in that summary, so dont give them any credit ! !

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