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I have to admit guys...i love the occasional 80's pop song like alot of you do im sure :P

but i thought i would see who else was with me now that the 80's is coming back with Duran Duran in teh charts again (with a shit song to be honest)

well i love Duran Duran so much and have had the pleasure of seeing them live this year in Cardiff...they were great and Girls on Film had such a cool intro that night, just sounded 10 X better than the original B)

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soft cell, human league, gary numan, flock of seagulls, OMD, billy idol, the specials, and tons more like.

soft cell are one of my favourite bands.

Billy Idol's great!!

Don't know much about soft cell, only tainted love, which I do like.

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I love the 80s music too!! B)

Billy Idol, Cheap trick, B52's, Human league, Kool and the Gang, Men at Work, Pet Shop Boys, REM, Rod Steward, Toto, THe Police, Rick Astley, The Cars, Bangles and many others......

good to know I'm not the only one here :lol:

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Gunner Boy - Rick Astley and Toto? what the fuck man. The only 80's pop I like is Michael Jackson and Prince.


dude I just luv the 80s music...I know it is cheesy but I can't help it :P

it was such a fun time.....I wish I was born in the 70s to live my youth in the 80s :(

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