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I love Kiss too but I hate some of the things that they have done... all the best ofs, commercial albums like Unmasked and Crazy Crazy nights, all the line-up changes etc.

I don't care for Paul & Gene as persons that much, they've ruined Kiss. I mainly like Ace, Vinnie and Peter

But IMO they have some really good songs/albums..like Revenge, Creatures of the night , Lick It Up , Destroyer , COS. I truely think that they have done alot for RnR not as much as Zeppelin or Sabbath but still the world of RnR wouldn't be the same without Kiss

LOL there wouldn't have been Spinal Tap without Kiss :D Sad to say but Kiss today is Spinal Tap :P

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KISS kicks ass.

My favorite songs would be-

Detroit Rock City, Black Diamond, Cold Gin, Unholy, Rock & Roll All Night, Psycho Circus, Beth,God of Thunder, Shout it out Loud, Uh all Night, War Machine, Creatures of the Night, I Love it Loud and many more.

My favorite members would be Gene (of course), Paul and Peter. Ace really was'nt that dedicated to the band as the other 3 (minus Peter's ultimatums).

I'm reading Gene's autobiography and Eddie Van Halen once considered joining KISS, because he hated Diamond Dave so much. But Gene thouhgt it'd be better to have a no name be their new guitarist.

Plus what would Eddie's makeup be?


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