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What is your favourite cover version..

Guest kevdo24

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Guest kevdo24

Mine would be 'You Really Got Me' by Van Halen.

My band are going to play it in front of school.

Other good ones are:

System of a Down 'Snowblind'

Sid Vicious 'My Way'

Velvet Revolver 'Bodies'

Black Sabbath 'Blue Suede Shoes'

Guns N Roses 'Since I Don't Have You'

Van Halen 'Pretty Woman'

Guns N Roses 'Live and Let Die'

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Guest kevdo24
Black Sabbath 'Blue Suede Shoes'

lmao sabbath did blue suede shoes? id like to hear that

I seen it once on VH1 Classic 'The Rock Show'.

It might have been live, but it was really good.

Anyone know any Iron Maiden covers?

I know Cradle of Filth did 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' but they suck.

The singer sounds like Gollum.

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Guest kevdo24
What are you on about?

Hallowed Be Thy Name was an awesome cover.

I'm just not into all that screaming stuff.

The music was good but the singing didnt do it for me.

I was told that Children of Bodom (whoever they are) covered some Maiden songs.

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Sonata Artica - Fade to Black (Original by Metallica)

Oh my God... they really did it??

hmm well... our Russian band Arida Vortex did "Seek And Destroy" and it sounds cool.

Psy trance artist Skazi also covered Seek and Destroy.

Skazi - Seek and Destroy

Its nice, but i didn't like it that much.

I don't really like Sonata, and power metal in general, but that's a great cover.

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