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John Frusciante


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Earlier this year i was cd browsing and decided to give John Frusciante's Shadows Collide With People album a try, i was absolutely blown away, its really atmospheric, really well crafted songs and i spun the disc none stop for ages. Its not really anything like chilli peppers but as the album was actually written before by the way you can hear little bits and the influence he had on that album every now and then. Ive since purchased his recent one The Will To Death and it didnt come close and his earlier albums are the most fucked up things you'll ever hear but seriously Shadows Collide is one of the best albums ive ever heard!

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After seeing RHCP live for the first time I was totally blown away by John.He is such a talented musician.I think Niandra Lades & Usually Just a T-Shirt and Smile From The Streets You Hold are a musical autobiography of his own self-destruction during his heroin addiction.

Listening to these albums you are overwhelmed by the deep sadness/pain in his voice which immediately makes you aware of his depressed state of mind.A case of music for the soul not the ears.

I must admit I still find these two albums quite hard to listen to,but they do contain without a doubt some of his best work.Every time I listen to any of John's albums the songs always seem to take on a new meaning,he puts so much of his soul into his work.

I bought Shadows Collide With People and The Will To Death at the end of June,these two albums are so unlike his first two.The Will to Death is a much stronger album I think of the two.Shadows contains some really great songs like Carvel,Omission,Every Person,Wednesday's Song,Times Goes Back,In Relief.The Will To Death just gets better with every listen,his lyrics are quiet thought provoking and his voice very soothing at times on this album such a contrast from the raw intensity and pain you get in the first two albums.

To Record Only Water For Ten Days I still have to check that album out,haven't got around to buying it yet,but I can't wait for the release of Inside of Emptiness at the end of this month.

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Yup, totally with you on a lot of what you're saying coz i do like well ive been off of smile from the streets but like you said those two albums are so off the bat. The will to death is a grower and the production isnt as glossed over as shadows by a long mile but i just think shadows has much stronger songs and is a more atmospheric interesting listen than the will to death. I think you'd love to record only water...the production is pretty lo-fi but theres some real interesting weird stuff on there with some great tunes, best track is the opener going inside.

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