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Rock's 10 Wildest Myths


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Rock's 10 Wildest Myths

We all know that rock & roll is the devil's music, so it should be no

surprise that the Great Deceiver likes to occasionally spice up his

raucous riffs with tall tales. With dead rockers often appearing alive,

and live rockers often whispered to have died long ago, rock & roll is

indeed ripe with mystery. From the bats to the cows to the elephants

to the ham sandwiches, here is the devil's best work:


1. Paul McCartney Is Dead

2. Ozzy Bites Head Off Bat

3. Jacko Meets the Elephant Man

4. Rod Stewart's Stomach Pumped

5. Gene Simmons' Cow Tongue

6. White Striped Siblings

7. Mama Cass' Ham Sandwich

8. Marilyn Manson's Wonder Years

9. Keith Richard's Blood Transfusion

10. Phil Collins Airs Drowning

Source: Rollingstone.com

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and what about Kurt Cobain is still alive???

:huh: Never heard that one, but it's reaaaaally dumb, since they even have pics (I think) of him dead. ;)

they have MANY pics of him dead, alot. But most of them you just see his hair, or a shoe, or him with blood on him, but non-around him, wtf is this? I said, it could have easily been make up :lol:

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Im glad that cleared up the white stripes thing..... *thinks about other thread*

I knew they were married at some point! Well now that's cleared up everything for me too. Damn that must be weird to play on stage with ur ex-wife and all that.

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