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Pearl Jam vs. The Clash


Who's better  

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I'm listening to PJ doin Know Your Rights (a Clash song) and they totally kick the original's ass. Pearl Jam are just an overall better band IMO. Better songs, better shows, better singer, better guitar player. I know that this is really a random matchup, but just wanted to know what y'alls gunners think.

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the clash are the clash

Pearl Jam are just stupid Nirvana wannabes who do too many covers

Clash, all the way, not a chance, no question.

btw, i have 2 clash posters in my room :P

It sounds like you've never listened to Pearl Jam because they don't sound at all like Nirvana. The only reason theyve been grouped together is because they came from the same city.

And I have Pearl Jam and Nirvan posters hanging on my wall.

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