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Another Reason Why Pop Sucks...


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On Saturday Night Live, Ashlee Simpson was going to sing two songs and before she got to the second song, a loop played over the speakers of her singing the song and she did this stupid lil ho-down thing to try and distract people but it didn't work and she ran off the stage or somethin.

So it's been proven, pop singers lip-sing their shit, another reason why rock needs to make a come back and actually play music instead of making people listen to stupid tracks over and over again while the "singer" just acts and suckers people outta money. Although it was pretty obvious they lip-sing before this but it's just amusing and it's just some weird shit I felt like posting since I haven't started my own topics in a while.


Edit: I think I got some of my info a little bit wrong but it was something very very close to that. Still funny, I just saw it on the news and that was some queer lil dance she did to play it off.

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